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SHALL WE DANCE, THE DANCE OF LIFE? – Roberto Mattoso Poemattoso



Shall we dance, the dance of life? At the end of this poem is my best rhyme And I hope you enjoy it as a surprise.

Don’t leave this country, because this is your place When I first saw you on a Facebook page I knew it was time to engage. When you need hapiness, I’ll give you my song When you feel hopeless, I’ll be your sun If you feel weakness, I’ll be strong But if you fall in love, with me, you may go on. If you are in doubt if staying is good I’ll try to change your mood I’ll strongly shout for our God And ask Him if I realy understood How a man and a woman can start a new world. Then God will give me a sign Confirming that you are mine: People celebrating with wine And you walking to me, dressed in white. Shall we dance, the dance of life? Give a chance, be my wife!

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